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Take Your Pick

John 18:33 – 19:6a Sermon outline:    I. Take your pick between two types of kingdoms   II. Take your pick between two types of men    III. Take your pick between two types of glory

The One Who Prays

John 17:1-6 I. The One Who Prays Draws Us to Himself A. Jesus bears God’s name B. Jesus bears God’s presence C. Jesus bears the burden of our sin II.  The One Who Prays Gives Purpose to Us A. We bear Jesus’ name B. We bear Jesus’ presence C. We bear the burdens of Jesus’ people Light from the Hill The One who prays for us

Bear Fruit

Pastor Fielding Poe John 15:1-5 Premiering March 25, 2020, at Winstanley Baptist Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Tithing Information: winbap.org/giving/ Download App: get.tithe.ly/download-tithely-app Or mail offerings to: Winstanley Baptist Church 9471 IL-161 Fairview Heights, IL 62208 For more information find us at winbap.org Find us on Roku, Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube


June 14th-19th from 6:00-8:00 pm
Rocky Railway – “Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through.”