Volume 67, Issue 3 March 2016

Volume 67, Issue 3 March 2016


What It Means To Be A Deacon…

Our Sunday School class recently spent two weeks studying spiritual gifts that are to be used for the Lord’s work. We were reminded that each Christian has at least one spiritual gift given to us by the Holy Spirit. Bible scholars agree that there are about 20 spiritual gifts and without question our Lord and Savior made use of all spiritual gifts during His ministry on this earth.

My reason for bringing up the subject of spiritual gifts again was mainly to help explain “What being a Deacon means to me”. Each and every Deacon, prior to becoming a Deacon, displayed one or more of these spiritual gifts that benefited the church. He may have helped a member with needs, provided assistance at a church event, always showed genuine concern towards members but in every case he was recognized for the spiritual gift(s) he possesses. A Deacon should make every effort to use his spiritual gifts and physical talents and      abilities to support our pastor and staff, provide assistance to those with physical, spiritual and emotional needs and demonstrate faithful attendance.

I often think of what my Lord and Savior did for me by coming to us as a man; showed me how a Christian is to live, He suffered and died on the cross to wash away my sins and because I believe in Him He rewards me with an everlasting life. Gods love for us is immeasurable. Our entire church family needs to stay in constant communication with our Heavenly Father. Use your spiritual gifts, physical talents and abilities to do the Lord’s work. He died for us; the least we can do is live for Him.