Volume 67, Issue 3 March 2016

Volume 67, Issue 3 March 2016


At 10:42 a.m., last Monday, February 22, I posted the following on the Winstanley Baptist Church Facebook account:

Do you have any idea how good it is to be able to post a word like that to the church family and anyone else who might be listening? (Incidentally, depending on when you receive this, the party is or was for our several new members in Garrison Hall Sunday night, February 28.)

It’s true. We have much to do.

We need to expand giving to match budget.  We need to keep praying for the search committee at another critical juncture in the process.  We need to keep encouraging each other through surgeries and illnesses and various other trials of the season.  We need to keep inviting our friends to church.  What a difference that is making!

We need to take advantage of opportunities to include new people in the life of Winstanley.  The services of Holy Week are a great time to do that.  The derby races and game night on March 19 are another.  Women and girls, mark your calendar for May 1, and you will have another such an opportunity.

The doors of Winstanley stand wide open.  I believe our hearts are open, too.  Let’s be generous with our invitations, welcoming with our arms, and kind with our words.  The Lord is at work, and while He can do whatever He chooses without us, I am convinced that He loves to partner with us.

I mean it—grateful to be your pastor,

Dr. Steve