Volume 67, Issue 4 April 2016

Volume 67, Issue 4 April 2016

What It Means To Be A Deacon . . .


Debbie and I came to Winstanley in 1992. At that time we had an AIDS ministry. We are grateful for all of the support the people of Winstanley gave us. We have always tried to serve God in any way He leads us. A few years later I was asked to serve as a deacon. Through prayer I said yes. I, like other deacons, are grateful for the support from our wives at the church. I pray daily for the opportunity to serve our Lord. Every deacons meeting we pray for our people (best part of the meeting for me).

I believe that prayer is the greatest opportunity to serve our people. By now many of you reading this have seen the movie, “War Room.” I would encourage all of you to come to the Winstanley War Room on Wednesday nights at 6 pm when we gather to pray for our people. I believe greater things would begin to happen. There is nothing greater than the power of prayer. Thanks, Winstanley, for the opportunity to serve as a deacon.

Lanny Downard