Volume 68, Issue 2 February 2017

Volume 68, Issue 2 February 2017

From the Minister to Students and Education

As we set out to “Fill the Hill” this year, I would like to suggest three areas for consideration. First, consider your heart. Each of us should examine his or her own commitment to the body of Christ. The Lord has called us to worship and serve him in a loving, faithful family of believers. Family members are dedicated to one another and they seek to spend time together regularly. As we set out with the hopes of seeing our church filled with dedicated Christ-followers, are we demonstrating dedication ourselves?

Second, consider your resources. Would you consider opening up your home and hosting a Sunday school party? Class members ought to share the responsibility of hosting these gatherings. One main purpose of a Sunday school party should be to invite friends and neighbors who don’t attend our church. This will give class members the opportunity to build relationships with those who don’t know Jesus.

Third, consider the opportunities before you. Throughout the year, the church will provide opportunities to help equip you to do what God is calling you to do. In the month of February we are going to learn a helpful approach to sharing our faith with others. If you are interested in this evangelism training please see me as soon as possible. It’s not too late!