Volume 68, Issue 2 February 2017

Volume 68, Issue 2 February 2017


We didn’t exactly see it coming.

We knew our furnaces were beginning to “nickel and dime” us, except that those nickels and dimes were more like hundreds of dollars here and thousands of dollars there. You know what they say about that.  Pretty soon, you’re talking real money!

After an emergency church council meeting and a called business meeting, which happened after second service on Sunday, January 22, we agreed unanimously to replace nine units of varying ages at a cost of just over $87,000. The financing, after making a down payment with existing funds and which happens at 6% over a five-year period, will have an annual $17,100.00 im-pact on the budget.

The situation does have some plus sides. The replacement of these units will mean minimal repairs for the foreseeable future. In addition, these furnaces will be much more energy efficient units. With new furnaces some of the financial unknown is taken out of our future.  Another plus the work has already begun!

The minus, of course, is greater stress on the budget.

However, you will remember that we challenged ourselves last year to a budget increase in anticipation of calling new staff. While we fell just short of the budget goal, we finished 2016, over $15, 500 ahead of our checkbook balance at the end of 2015. Winstanley folks have been extremely faithful and have proved up to the challenge.

Beside, after September we anticipate having paid off the primary building debt. How great the inroad we make into paying the second debt of $50,000 remains to be seen, but we will be clearly much closer to being debt-free than has been the case for a very long time.

All this happens at a moment when are hip deep in the Fill the Hill challenge. It is possi-ble to view the furnace episode as a huge distraction. Or it is possible to take this mo-ment in stride, act in good stewardship, and prepare for more of the good things God has already begun to show us during the first weeks of 2017.

Believe me, we have had some good Fill the Hill outcomes, but, naturally, with the Lord in charge, the very best outcomes are the ones we have not seen yet!

Excited to be your “Fill the Hill” pastor,

Dr. Steve