Volume 68, Issue 3 March 2017

We advertised it in the bulletin. I announced it to the Sunday school classes.  And still, very little response.  I was becoming a bit anxious.  But as the final days closed in, more and more of you contacted me about attending.  On that first evening of evangelism training, we packed out the choir room with a rambunctious group of 41! And the numbers remained high for the following weeks! It has been a real joy to lead the discussion on evangelism. I’ve learned much from your insights and have enjoyed getting to know you better as well.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for evangelism training, it is likely that someone in your Sunday school class did.  Ask about the 3 circles approach to evangelism. This is a simple approach to sharing your faith, and we now have many church members equipped to explain it to others.

On the youth front, D-NOW is fast approaching. In case you didn’t know, D-NOW stands for disciple-now. Our youth will spend a weekend together for worship, Bible teaching, and a service project. Please pray that the youth will be challenged and encouraged in their relationship with Jesus. Pray also that students who don’t know Christ would come to trust in him.