Volume 68, Issue 3 March 2017

Volume 68, Issue 3 March 2017


By the time this word arrives in your hands, Fielding will be on the throes of teaching the fourth evangelism training class.

With upwards of forty in attendance, this class has been spectacularly successful and has the potential to unleash evangelistic witness from Winstanley in a way we have not seen for a while. God always gets the credit when someone is saved, of course, but He does like willing souls in His vineyard. So I am pumped.

Naturally, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding,” though. What happens next? How willing will we be to open our mouths in witness? Will we dare to speak the name of Jesus? Or will we allow our new-found train-ing to remain closeted?

I hope you will do the following: (1) continue to pray for the ten that God has given to you to pray for; (2) spend silent moments before God, asking Him to engineer the circumstances that will allow you to bear witness; (3) invite someone to worship—that is one step short of full witness, but it is a start; (4) invite a friend to one of several special events which may seem less intimidating to new people (e.g., the March 31 invitational game night, the Easter egg hunt, the appearance of the Metro East Community Chorale); (5) include your friend in a Sunday School party; (6) prayer-walk your neighborhood, praying specifically for the lost; and (7) tell your friend that if he/she will come, your pastor will buy him/her lunch.

Okay. So the last one is a long shot.

The point is that we do something and we do it with conviction and love and grace. And when God does give us something to share, I want to be one of the first to hear it. We need to be “opportunistic witnesses,” mean-ing, we need to grab every chance we have. Let’s do it!

Here are some other notes. The welcome center is up and running and has been receiving guests. We adopted the 2017 church budget on February 19. As you will recall, the budget includes monthly payments on our nine newly installed furnaces. When our monthly Bridge Bread ministry comes to an end on March 12, we will have raised over $3000.00 for this vital ministry.

Finally, I have been meeting with a group of people, extremely gifted and highly committed to the technological ministries of Winstanley—the Winstanley app, livestreaming, website, Facebook, etc.  We are trying to fine-tune this ministry, and I am energized and captivated by what all this means. Stay tuned!

Grateful to be your pastor,

Dr. Steve