Volume 68, Issue 4 April 2017

Volume 68, Issue 4 April 2017


Believe me, there is plenty else I could say about what is happening around Winstanley Baptist Church.  If you read the rest of The Window, you will discover that.

As we approach the most important time in the life of the church and in the Christian year, however, I want to talk about nothing else than Holy Week.

It’s not merely that we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus, valuable as that is.

It’s not that we make an extra effort to participate and also to invite new and other people to our services.

It’s not that we celebrate Easter alongside spring-time as a season of new life and renewal.

Holy Week is that time of year when we, with other followers of Jesus, walk through the last week of His life and remember very personally what He did for us.

First, we exult in Jesus’ Kingship on Palm Sunday and shout our own hosannas.  Come Maundy Thursday, we make sober assessments of our life on the same night that Jesus partook of a meal with His disciples and then was betrayed and arrested.

The following night we worship in a sanctuary that is finally filled with darkness, just as the world was given to darkness at the death of Jesus. Our hearts are broken as we remember and reflect.

Then, we have an early celebration of Easter on Saturday, April 15, when our children gather for the Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We believe it is vital that our children come to learn the story of Jesus and Holy Week, too.

Finally, on Easter morning we will figuratively blow the doors off with joy and triumph as we revel in the truth, wonder,  and mystery of Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb. Holy Week is never complete without the services of Easter Sunday.

But I tell you this, too. To get the full experience of Easter, you need to be here the preceding Sunday and throughout the
week. Your life will be richer for it. Your Christian walk will be deepened because of it. Holy Week will conclude with your wanting more of Jesus in your life, and that’s how it should be.

Grateful to be your pastor,
Dr. Steve