From the Minister to Students and Education 

It’s back to school season. Actually, students have already been back in the classroom for about two weeks by now. This is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Teachers and coaches will challenge kids to grow academically, socially, and physically this year.

As adults, we ought to recognize our own need for growth as well, particularly in our spiritual lives. One way this growth occurs is through consistent Bible study and prayer. Winstanley provides church members and guests the opportunity to study God’s Word in community every week in Sunday school. If you have been on an extended break from Sunday school, or if you have not yet joined a class, let me invite you back to school! We have faithful, dedicated teachers who encourage and challenge church members to grow in their walk with Christ. Thank you, Sunday school teachers! As a church, let us resolve that we will be faithful in our Sunday school attendance this year for the betterment of our spiritual lives and the glory of God.

In addition to Sunday school, there are other opportunities at Winstanley for group Bible study. Janet Rochleau will be leading a women’s study this Fall. Thank you, Janet, for your dedication to the women of the church as you continue to lead this study.