Volume 68, Issue 9 – September 2017

Volume 68, Issue 9 – September 2017


As a consequence of the West Virginia mission trip, Winstanley has received lovely thank you cards from the Mercer County Day Report Center and the SAFE ministry in Welch, West Virginia. You may view these cards on the bulletin board.

By now you will have noticed the addition of furniture and wall hangings in the church. The decorating committee, composed of Cindy Holderfield, Linda Spradling, Connie Rutledge, and Joni Garrison, is responsible for the work which was funded entirely by non-budget donations.

You have heard updates on the shower project, funded and led by the deacons. The mission team from Ahoskie, North Carolina, was the first to use the showers and they gave them rave reviews!

Speaking of Ahoskie, the mission team left a painting with us as a “thank you.” When I asked Daniel, Mullens, their pastor, about the painting and its inspiration, this is what he had to say:

“As for the painting, you are most welcome! I cannot take credit for such a beautiful painting. Kristin Woodard, one of the ladies on the trip, has a very close friend who is an artist. However, the painting was Kristin’s dream. After going on your website and seeing pictures of your church, she decided to try to create something that would mesh your ministry with ours. The lighthouse is one that is located in NC and sits up on a hill, like Winstanley which sits on a hill for all to see and to be the light of the world. The cross and stained glass windows are supposed to be the same as on the front of your church as well. As for the walkway, our hope was that the logo of your church and ours would serve as the path that lead others to the Light and that we are committed to doing this together! I hope this gives some idea as to what we were hoping to do through this gift to you! Please know that we love you all and it is such a joy to merge to churches from completely different states in serving our Lord and Jesus Christ and also serving the CAC!”

Eclipse Day happened on Winstanley Hill on Monday, August 21. As much of the country watched, upwards of sixty friends, neighbors, and Winstanley members gathered on the hill to observe and share a party. A good time was had by all.