Volume 68, Issue 9 September 2017

Volume 68, Issue 9 September 2017


It seems as though it was just the other day when Winstanley Baptist Church celebrated its one hundredth birthday.

But, actually, it was ten years ago and in a few short weeks we will celebrate our 110th!

Every year we find something special to acknowledge and celebrate. This year, however, we will be completing our evening celebration in the church parking lot, where we will burn the note on the 2000 building project. With a total price tag of $1,725,348.00, this gave us a re-modeled sanctuary, a beautiful preschool suite, an extremely useful office suite, a welcoming foyer, and Garrison Hall.

Now, with the late August payment, the original note is paid in full, leaving us only our $50,000 second mortgage.

I’ll be honest with you. I have heard about “note burning” services for a long, long time, but have never participated in one. I not only look forward to this, but think this will be fun!

Note that on Sunday morning, September 10, we will have only one worship service at 10:55. There are few times during the year when we all gather in the same service. Anniversary Sunday seems an especially good time to gather together.

Speaking of gathering together, we will return to Winstanley Hill at 5:00 PM that day for a celebration dinner, followed by a service and the note burning. Elsewhere in The Window you will read about the dinner. You can help our preparations by letting us know you are coming.

As I think about it, there are relatively few times in life that are pure, unmitigated joy. This occasion, though, should be one of them.

I want you to be there, because I’ll miss you if you aren’t!

Grateful to be your pastor,

Dr. Steve