Volume 68, Issue 12 December 2017

Volume 68, Issue 12 December 2017

From the Minister to Students and Education

This past month our youth spent some time volunteering at the Fairview Heights Food Pantry for the Canned Food Drive. We are especially thankful to Nancy Idoux for alerting us to this opportunity to serve the community.  If you have never worked at the Food Pantry, you might wonder exactly what we do there. Let me take a second to fill you in.

When we arrive at the Pantry, there are gobs and gobs of cans and other food items waiting to be carried and organized into various boxes. The Cheerios and Captain Crunch go into the cereal box. The chili cans go into the chili can box. The fruit cocktail goes into the fruit cocktail box. You get the idea. But then there are those items that are really obscure, and you can’t find any box for them, and so they get put into the miscellaneous box. One thing you have to be careful of is to never ever place an expired can into any box.

No, those go on the expired can table. They have a contest to see who will identify the oldest, most expired can. I think someone found one from 2003 this last time. May this be a lesson for all of us to check the dates on the cans before we donate them. We enjoy serving the community at the Food Pantry, and if you would like to join us next time, you are more than welcome.

November also marked our first Youth Fall Retreat at Lake Sallateeska Baptist Camp. I’ve heard stories about Lake Sallateeska since coming to Winstanley, but I finally had the opportunity to experience it for myself. Although we were there for less than twenty-four hours, we managed to sit under three sermons, sing praises, have small group time, canoe, eat a couple meals, enjoy a campfire with snacks, and even sleep a little.  I could easily see this becoming an annual tradition for our youth.