Winstanley Library

Winstanley Library

Winstanley Library

The library is having a Book Fair!  The Library is located across from the Church Sanctuary.  Feel free to come in and browse around our many fiction, biography and Christian living books.  We also have many bigger books about different items of interest.  There is no charge, but if you want to leave a small donation to the library that would be great!  If you don’t want to put the book back, just leave on table or desk.

The Ladies of the Library will see you soon.

Here is a sample from the church library:

A Baxter Family Christmas” by Karen Kingsbury 

Karen Kingsbury’s Website

A life-changing story of love, hope, and redemption, featuring the long-awaited return of fan favorites, the Baxter family.


Then God Said to Me: “I Have Him” by Judy Lawrence McGill

The true story of one fateful summer, when the author’s husband suffered a horrible accident, her mother was nearing death, and all of the difficulties in trying to juggle both grave situations at once. It is the true story of God’s willingness to wrap His arms around His grieving child in a tangible way. This is a signed copy by the author and her husband.


“Women Wartime Spies” by Ann Kramer

An exciting and factual chronicle of the lives and exploits of these heroes gives these fierce patriots their due. Far from being the sirens and dupes stereo-typed in movies and novels, these women warriors were carefully trained, highly skilled, and supremely courageous.