Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – Week 5

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – Week 5

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering



During Jacob Dahl’s senior year of college at Washington State University, Jesus came into his life and changed him forever. So when the opportunity to plant a church on a college campus arose, Jacob and his wife, Jessica, jumped at the chance.

Resonate Church seeks to befriend the lost—a large population at Central Washington University (CWU) in Ellensburg, since only 1 in 10 students are followers of Jesus. The best time to reach students is the beginning of the school year. Nearly 2,500 freshmen arrive at CWU every year, and the Dahls reach out to them before they settle into a routine that doesn’t include spiritual development. Jacob says, “Freshmen week is blitz week; we’re so busy we hardly sleep. Our outreach efforts during this time fuel the whole year.”

The Dahls believe it’s important to stay focused on Jesus rather than entering into debates or arguments on campus. “We need to always begin with and stay focused on Jesus,” Jacob says. They pray regularly for the students to be reached with Truth and turn to Christ.