Volume 68, Issue 10 – October 2017

From the Minister of Student and Education 

One of my tasks as a youth minister has been to “seek an effective leadership team gifted in build-ing relationships with students.” In my first several months at Winstanley I felt a bit of anxiety over whether or not I would be able to recruit such a team of volunteers. But I am happy to tell you that the Lord has provided faithful leaders who really care about students and our youth program.

Who are these faithful youth leaders? A couple of them have been with me from the very begin-ning. Paul Flahan is present every Wednesday evening for youth group. He leads our worship time with singing and guitar playing. Paul has contributed valuable ideas for the youth group that I have implemented, and he serves as a wonderful Christian role model for students.

I’m also grateful for Evan Shepherd. Evan has contributed numerous ideas for recreation activities for our youth. His ideas have proven to be big hits with the students. He helps me prepare for youth events such as Friday Night Live. Evan ensures we have good music playing during times of fellowship, and he projects song lyrics during our worship time. I’ve noticed that Evan is great in relating to our students while also maintaining a leadership role.

Ian Harrier has been a huge contribution to our youth ministry as well. He has used his gifts to help lead worship on Wednesday nights with singing and keyboard playing and guitar. Ian is always willing to fill in for me as a Sunday school teacher or on a Wednesday evening. He also served as a leader at youth camp this past summer and D-Now prior to that. Ian has really connected with the kids. I’m thankful for his perspective and constant presence with our youth.

Sally Horstmann became involved this past summer as a leader at youth camp. The girls in the youth group seemed to connect with Sally almost instantly. If you know Sally, this comes as no surprise. Since becoming involved, she has provided ideas on outreach and missions for our kids. Sally is an answer to prayer because our girls need a female leader to look up to and connect with.

I am also thankful for Gabby Johnson who teaches Sunday school periodically. Gabby brings creative ideas in her teaching, and she knows how to keep the kids engaged in the lesson. She has an ability to get our students to talk and contribute ideas during Sunday school, which I have found to be a bit difficult at times.

Much more could be said about each of these individuals and their contributions to our youth. We would not have much of a youth program without their service. Youth leaders, thank you for using your gifts as you serve the Lord!