Order of Worship

Order of Worship

Order of Worship, June 20th


Adult and youth SS lesson text this week is from Revelation 2:12-17. Let me encourage you to attend one of our offerings at 9 a.m. Our children continue to meet, as well.

June 20th Order of Worship

Prelude: Nancy Lawrence on piano

Announcements:  Dr. Timothy Gibson

Call to Worship:  Choral Anthem – “Worthy of Worship”

Prayer of Confession: Dr. Timothy Gibson

* Song of Need: “Refiner’s Fire” (Hymn 592)

* Song of Commitment:  “Trust, Try, and Prove Me” (Hymn 379, stanzas 1 & 3)

New Testament Reading:  Romans 12:1-2 (NIV) – Dr. Timothy Gibson

Pastoral Prayer: Dr. Timothy Gibson

Special Music:  “My Father’s Heart” (Rachel Lampa)

Old Testament Reading:  Exodus 20:14-15 (NIV) – Dr. Timothy Gibson

Pastoral Message: “Our Purity and Our Property” – Dr. Timothy Gibson

Pastoral Invitation:  Dr. Timothy Gibson

* Song of Response: “I Lay My Sins on Jesus” (Hymn 593, stanzas 1 & 3)

* Benediction: Dr. Timothy Gibson

Postlude:  Nancy Lawrence on organ

* Indicates to please stand as able

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the ministries of Winstanley Baptist Church –

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Timothy