Chris Smith


Chris is 33-years-old, and his wife Jenny is 30-years old. They have been married for 3 years.

A graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Chris has experience as a youth pastor in a Chinese-speaking church as well as in a Hispanic church. Additionally, Chris has experience serving in mission field settings.

Chris has a successful track record of managing a variety of projects, ranging from overseeing an office aiding disaster relief victims and managing cases; promoting, recruiting, instructing, and supervising 40+ volunteers for refugee outreach/human trafficking awareness and at-risk Hispanic students; organizing fundraisers; educating and training volunteers in fields of public speaking, visual communications, social media, and rhetoric in preparation for public outreach.

Chris explains that his call to and vision for ministry is to accelerate an active local church body modeled after Acts 2:42-47 and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). His passion is to pro-actively disciple members for the intentional purpose of engaging with non-believers beyond the church walls, including reaching new believers in an expanding multicultural context.

Choral Accompanist
Nancy Lawrence
Senior Pastor
Dr. Timothy Gibson