Sermons from June 2020

Sermons from June 2020

Adopting a Proper Attitude

New Testament Reading: Dr. Timothy Gibson — James 4:13-17 (CSB) Prayer of Confession: Dr. Timothy Gibson Hymn of Forgiveness: Susan Niederer — “The Wonderful Cross” (Hymn 239) Chorus of Praise: Susan Niederer — “Enough” (Hymn 114) Pastoral Prayer: Dr. Timothy Gibson Pastoral Message:  Dr. Timothy Gibson — Prov 27:1-3 and Prov. 12:25 (CSB) “Adopting a Proper Attitude” I.  Combating Pride II.  Claiming Peace Hymn of Response: Susan Niederer at piano — “Surrender” (Hymn 444) Vimeo How-to Setup the Winstanley Baptist Roku Channel Setup HOW WE GIVE Mail Offering to the…

A Model for Father’s Day

Welcome:  Laura Osborn Call to Worship:  Laura Osborn  — “How Great Is Our God” (Hymn #5) New Testament Reading:   Dr. Timothy Gibson — Ephesians 6:1-4 (NIV) Prayer of Confession:  Dr. Timothy Gibson Song of Faithfulness:  Laura Osborn — “Good, Good Father” (Chris Tomlin) The Lord’s Prayer:   Dr. Timothy Gibson Pastoral Message:  Dr. Timothy Gibson — Proverbs 23:12-25 (NIV) I.     To Respect: Promoting Honor II.    To Please: Promoting Homage III.   To Imitate: Promoting Holiness IV.   To Submit: Promoting…

Helpful or Hurtful Words

Dr. Timothy Gibson – Senior Pastor From Proverbs 15:1-4 Premiering, June 7, 2020, from Winstanley Baptist Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Gentle or Gruff Uplifting or Unwholesome Restraint or Retaliation Building up or Breaking down Full Service: Pastor’s Blog