Roadmap to the Bible - Week 3

Book of Exodus

The book of Exodus introduces the famous prophet Moses, who will be our central protagonist for the remainder of the Torah. The book can be divided into 2 main sections, the first being the iconic Exodus story about a fugitive named Moses who reluctantly accepts God’s calling to lead the Israelite people out of Egypt into the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula. The second half is the story of God’s Revelation on Mount Sinai, a story that will stretch from Exodus 19 until Numbers 10 where the Hebrews will camp for 2 years and enter into a foundational covenant agreement with the Lord adopting them as His holy people. 

Moses enters the summit of the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights learning God’s “Torah” (literally “law” or “instruction”) and is given a divine blueprint for a holy dwelling called the Tabernacle where the Lord’s presence will rest among of Israelites. After a major setback involving the people molding and worshiping a golden calf, Moses reconciles with the Lord, and the Hebrew people triumphantly fund and build the tabernacle. The book ends with God settling inside the dwelling.